15th August 2018


Mise en Scene – The arrangement of the setting or surroundings of an event. This helps build to the setting

Symbolism – ideas or qualities represented by a symbol(s). t helps create meaning and motion to a story

Lighting – the arrangement of lights and/or the effect created

Camera Shots – are the different angles and distances that a scene is filmed in to create a certain effect an meaning to the film. How much that the director wants or doesn’t want you to see

Sound – is used in film to heighten a mood, provide us with information about the location of a scene, advance the plot, and tell us about the characters in the story

Dialogue – explains a plot, allows character development and also allows the audiece to create a bond

Voice Over Narration (first person, omniscient and limited) – used to create the effect of storytelling. Sometimes, it is used to aid continuity in edited versions of films, in order for the audience to gain a better understanding of what has gone on between scenes.

Music – important on the emotional side of the movie or help/enhance the storytelling

Montage –  a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information

Flashbacks – often used to recount events that happened before the story’s primary sequence of events to fill in crucial backstory

The Big Ideas – 

We have discussed the major ideas that we, as a class, believe the film presents. These ideas are:


  • Our outward appearance doesn’t define who we are inside. 
  • The perception of others shapes our personal perception of who we are. 

The Transitory Nature of Life

The Inevitability of Time


As a class, we have brainstormed three key symbols that we felt develop the major ideas of the film. These were:




Create a symbols table (as you did for Gatsby) that allows you to address the following questions/statements for each symbol:

  • Describe two key moments in the film when this symbol appears. Be specific and, where you can, offer lots of detail.
  • Explain what the symbol represents when it appears.
  • Discuss how the symbol helps to develop one of the central ideas of the film.

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