After reading Chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby, pair up with someone you have not worked with so far this year. Together, discuss the questions below. As you do so, make notes about what you talk about and any specific quotes that you reference as a post on your own blog. Both members of the partnership should complete a blog post for this although they should look very similar.

More rumours emerge about Gatsby. List them and any others we have read about so far. What kind of picture is emerging about this man?


  • He is a bootlegger ”he has killed a man who had found out that he was neifew to Von Hinderburg second cousin t the devil.
  • That he went to Oxford and that he went to oggsford.
  • He killed a man once, he was a German spy in the war, he was in the American army in the war



Why do you think Fitzgerald lists all of Gatsby’s party guests?

He was well known and because he wants it to be known that he is “high up the ladder” in society because he knows lots of big people and has them over for a party


Gatsby tells Nick about his life. Do you believe him? Why/why not? Bonus question: do you think Nick believes him?

At first, Nick was a bit doubtful about Gatsby attending Oxford, because of the way that Gatsby had said it (quiv]ckly as if he didn’t want Nick to pick up on it) but then evidence started to appear to backup what Gatsby had said (such as a medal from Oxford, that was shown to Nick), making Nick less doubtful of what Gatsby had said. I think that some of what Gatsby had said may not be entirely true, but as we continue reading the story more evidence appears to backup Gatsby’s claims.


What does Jordan’s story of Daisy’s marriage reveal about Daisy? Does this change your perspective on Daisy at all? Why/why not?

Daisy appeared, in Jordan’s story, to be too young for marriage, especially as she was obviously in love with another (Gatsby). But she went through with the wedding because it was likely to be what was expected of er and marrying at a young age was common in the 20’s. It was expected because marrying rich and young was the best thing you could do, so Daisy’s obvious expected option was to marry Tom. Before the wedding, she was obvious;y having second thoughts and getting cold feet, but she pushed through it. After their honeymoon Daisy appeared more in love wit Tom, but a the same time uneasy and clingy, whenever he left the room.

Nick says, “There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” What do you think he means by this? List each of the major characters we have met so far in the novel and assign them to one of the four categories Nick describes. Pick three and justify your assignment.

Pursued: Daisy

Daisy is being pursued by Gatsby as he really wants her as his own.

Pursuing: Gatsby is going after Daisy

Gatsby is pursuing Daisy because he is still infatuated with her, after their time together many years ago 5 years)

The busy: Tom Beautchman

Tom Beautchman is busy with two women as he is married to Daisy, but also carrying out an affair with another.

The Tired: Nick

Nick is the tired because he is sick of all of the ongoing drama between the different couples and he isn’t currently pursuing anyone or being pursued, himself. This is likely because his priority is not on a relationship, but on the unfolding story of Gatsby.

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  1. Ella,

    This is a good start. It’s nice to see you beginning to use the blog!

    I think that there is room for some development here. Think about where you can include evidence from the text to support your ideas and how you can explain that the evidence you have provided proves your point.


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